Three Ways to Cut Car Insurance

For many people these days, having a car is a necessary expense. We spend more than ever on transport, and getting to and from work outside of the big cities is often difficult without a set of wheels. It’s also a legal requirement to have your car insured, so there’s always a wallop on the wallet every year if you own a car. However, there are plenty of ways that you can cut your car insurance quote and by following some fairly simple rules, you can substantially reduce the sting on your wallet. For three rules to get you started, have a quick read of this article.

Drive Less

If you’ve got a long way to work and the fastest way to get there is to drive, then taking the car is usually the best option. However, the next time you’re heading to a friend’s house or driving down to town, consider whether it’s absolutely necessary that you go ahead and drive. Although they’ve gone down a lot lately, UK fuel prices aren’t particularly cheap, and you might be better off taking public transport. Basically, the fewer miles you clock up per year, the less likely you are to crash. Therefore, insurers will be willing to give you a lower quote. Also make sure you supply your correct mileage when searching for a quote. If you drive over the amount of miles you’ve stated in a twelve-month period, you may void your policy.

Shop Around

Perhaps the most important thing in cutting car insurance costs is devoting your time to finding the policy that’s right for you. Searching on the Internet has made this much easier, but make sure you shop around thoroughly. Start with a few price comparison websites, but also make sure you head to individual providers. As comparison websites don’t give comprehensive lists of quotes from all providers, this is a very important stage that is often overlooked. It’s possible to get better quotes from providers that aren’t listed on comparison websites, and for young drivers the savings can be very substantial. It’s worth looking at a few reputable companies that offer car insurance online, such as Co-Operative Insurance.

Consider Third Party Fire and Theft

Fully comprehensive car insurance will cover you for damage incurred to your car under the terms of your policy. You will also normally have to pay excess as well, meaning that your insurance provider will only pay out if the bill for repairs is above a certain amount. This means that getting fully comprehensive insurance on a cheap car might not be worth it. Instead, you should consider Third Party Fire and Theft. This is the lowest level of insurance that you are allowed to have by law. Such a policy will not pay out for damage incurred to your car should you crash. It will, however, pay any legal fees that may arise, and cover you against damage caused by fire or theft. It's certainly worth considering if the car purchase was below £800.